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We’re very proud to have built our reputation as the go to specialists for RSU mortgage advice as well as offering the best possible advice to clients with complex income

Whether buying a new home or remortgaging to raise additional capital or reduce payments, your case is unique. It could be the type of property, where it is, the situation you’re in, the way you work or just the reasons you’re looking to raise capital. That’s why a human, personal, advisory service is so important when making those big life decisions.

We also believe that you shouldn’t be overcharged for this advice, which is why we offer our services completely fee free.

Whether you’re an employee of a tech company receiving RSU income, a day rate contractor, or your bonus makes up a substantial part of your income – get in touch today and speak to a specialist.

Limitless work closely with partners, employees, and contractors from a select number of organisations or professions, where we understand the in’s and out’s of how you work – and help you maximise your borrowing potential.

We let our service speak for itself, building our reputation organically. Here are just a few case studies of the people we’ve helped recently, you can also look us up on TrustPilot

- Max Hayden, Founder & Chief Executive

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Some of our client case studies

Partner, Big 4 Consultancy

£1m+ First Time Buyers with RSU income

Our clients were looking to buy their first home in the UK, having been living and working in Spain for the past 15 years. 

Jointly applying for a mortgage, he was a partner at a Big Four consultancy with relatively complex income arrangements including other overseas investments.  She was an employee of a large tech company, and nearly half of her income being made up of RSUs (Restricted Stock Units).

Although they were first time buyers, they were looking at a purchase price of £1.8m, borrowing £1.4m. Many lenders put limitations on first time buyers, and having limited UK profiles makes the challenge that much harder.

Rather than accept defeat, the team at Limitless leveraged its relationships with lenders, presenting the case to underwriters in a way that satisfied lender requirements. Having been turned away from numerous lenders and brokers, our clients were over the moon when we were able to find a mortgage at a very completive rate for them.

Renowned Architect and Company Director

Second Residential Property

Our client is a company director of multi-national design studio with 70 employees.  His income was structured in a way that a typical broker or high street lender could not understand (group accounts, non-UK companies within the group)

Our Client was referred to us by one of his team. He had been turned away by his own bank, despite running a globally recognised successful design studio and having an excellent credit history.

After just one call with our Principal Consultant, Melvin Parker, we were able to source 3 lenders that would take into account his all of his company’s pre-tax profit and his salary (as opposed to just his personal income alone). Our Client was delighted when presented our recommendations the same day we reviewed his accounts.

Solutions Architect working for global Systems Integrator

Capital raise for loan charge tax bill

Our day rate contractor Client recently remortgaged his property on a 5 year fixed product, with 4 years to go and £25k early redemption charges. It was at this point that he received a letter from the HMRC, claiming for almost 10 years worth of tax. 

Faced with a £110,000 tax bill, the offer from the HMRC to spread this over 5 years was just too expensive. After being referred to us by a colleague, we were able to offer more flexible Second Charge options. This is where we leave his existing mortgage in place, and take out a second mortgage, secured against the property. We were able to secure the funds for his tax bill within 3 weeks, and reduce his monthly expenditure from £2,100 to £400. Whilst paying a tax bill isn’t often a pleasant thought, Our Client was able to move on with his life with a solution that was affordable for him.

Working for Ministry of Defence in IT

Raising capital through Let to Buy

Our Client came to us after being referred by one of his colleagues at work. With a young family, he was looking to up-size, but he was also conscious that he didn’t have a large pension fund and had always dreamed of having investment property to pass on to his children.

After speaking to the team at Limitless, he was presented with an illustration that showed how he could release equity from his existing property to put down as a deposit on his new dream home, without having to sell his existing property. After doing the sums, he quickly realised the income he would make from the rental would more than offset the mortgage, and also contribute to his new home’s mortgage payments. Limitless secured offers for both the buy-to-let and new residential mortgages within a week.

Our Client was delighted with our service, in particular how we took away the hassle of obtaining mortgages so he could focus on work and his family.

Some of the Lenders we work with

We’re independent and work with a wide range of lenders in the UK, including:

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